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A NW Winter


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The silence of winter hanging in the air Liz and I decided to go for a walk from home to downtown Poulsbo. In our college days we would often take walks in the snow across town to a park that overlooked our small university town. It was a good day.


The goat in his house, the second structure back, can barely be seen. Well maybe not.



The quiet, still marina.



All the tourists are at home.



That leaves more goodies for us :clap:



Let's see your winter pics..

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Wow, you guys are really socked in. We haven't really taken any pictures since the last storm, but Hopz and his wife were down from the high country this afternoon and said we had almost as much snow as they do.


I hear your storm is headed our way . . . maybe I should try to get some work done tonight so we can play tomorrow.

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reporting live from seattle Wa. We have so much snow here, santa clause called and said he might be delayed. Nice pics in Poulsbo.

16 inches and counting here. To deep for bike riding and or car so I walked the 5 miles to work and am ready to walk home in about an hour. Great Exercise. Merry Christmas!

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