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use a R1100 exhaust on an 1150?


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Evening all,


The exhaust on my R1150RT-P is not well, it appears to have something loose inside. You can hear it rattling and the bike is a bit more noisy than it used to be.


A new exhaust is out of the question, due to price. I found a used exhaust for a R1100RT for a very reasonable amount. It does have the opening for the O2 sensor.

Can anyone tell me if I can use this exhaust on my R1150? The mounting parts appear to be the same but the part numbers are different..


Any other ideas for a not too expensive and quiet aftermarket system?


Thanks all,



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You may not want to rule out the exhaust if the the part numbers are different. The seat on a 1100RT and a 1150RT have different part numbers but the seat off of my 96 1100RT fits my 04 1150RT just fine.

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