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Any advice appreciated... F1 fuse burns...


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My brake light, instrument cluster fuse burned out, new one cooked instantly as well. Made the brake light come on, brake lights fail, tachometer quit. Any particular place to look first for a short?

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On the R, there are known wiring loom issues concerning overly tight factory installed tie wraps around the headstock/lighting areas.


My first inclination would be to remove the tank and then the light/dash assembly'ss and then remove the old tie wraps and check the loom. You can normally see where it has chafed.


If don't have a wiring diagram don't worry...get a digital camera, take pics of all the connections before you remove each wiring section and document the colors/locations.


Make sure you have a goodly amount of good quality black tie wraps plus electrical tape and wire splicing crimp clamps!

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BalancePoint, maybe disconnect the brake light switches (if you can) to see if one of those is shorted to ground.. Look at the wire harness for being pinched or burnt & look in the rear where the tool kit goes to see if that is pinching a wire or pulling on the harness.. Maybe look along the front neck for a tight zip tie or broken & shorted wire there..


If you keep blowing fuses-- try hooking (2) common auto flasher units in series then run a wire from the flasher units in series to the terminals in the fuse box where the #1 fuse went (basically 2 flashers in series to replace the blown fuse).. That will usually allow the flasher units to flash fairly fast as long as the short is still happening but shouldn’t overload the circuit enough to harm anything.. Then keep wiggling or disconnecting things until the flasher unit’s stop clicking..

A little more risky but effective method is to use an old auto headlight in place of the fuse as it should light brightly as long as the short is present then go dimmer as the short is found & removed..




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I had to leave it for the day, but as soon as I can I'll dig into it and follow the leads I've gotten here. I'll find it...


I appreciate the help-



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