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Used LT - Next Steps ?


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Not all that familiar with buying a used bike, so thought I'd check in for advice/comments. Bike is a 2006 K 1200 LT with 11,600 miles. Has extended warantee, Remus muffler, PIAA driving lights. Not sure if it has comm or high shield. Was last in the the BMW shop at 6K (no issues). VIN shows no warantee work or open issues at BMW. New rear tire put on at 11K (by non-BMW dealer). Looks ok.


From reading other forums it seems like:

* I need to check FD fluid was changed since purchase?

* I might be in for a rather expensive 12K service right off?

* New front tire soon?


Thanks in advance for your comments.


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Hi Don and welcome to the board. Sounds like a nice bike you are thinking about buying. Heck it is not even broken in yet. Without knowing the service schedule if it were me, I would change the oil/oil filter, tranny fluid, FD fluid, and air filter. I can say to you the NADA averaging selling price is $15.2K. The KBB value is $15.9K. Good luck and I hope it works out for you.

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I would replace final drive fluid just as a precaution. My LT puked its final drive at 12k miles. Changing the final drive fluid takes about 10 minutes by any caveman capable of holding a wrench. 2 dollars worht of oil and 10 minutes is cheap insurance. I would put in redline heavy shockproof. Its the only time where oil brand/type has made a difference in how smooth something was for me.

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I think 18k is the biggie.



No.. Actually 12K, 24K, 36K..... I had an '03. Check several very important things, and/or have a dealer give it a good check over before you buy this bike:


1) Check final drive for play -- you can find the procedure on http://www.bmwlt.com ...


2) Check for leaks -

Under bike between engine block and tranny - rear main seal

Check for any transmission shaft leaks

Check for fork seal leaks

Check for leaks around or near the center stand (hydrolic)


3) Changes: Have the final drive fluid changed and inspect the fluid for any bits or pieces of aluminum. Also check the drain plug for bits stuck to the magnet.


4) Check clutch during a test drive for slippage when riding (downshift and push it)...


5) Read the Ts and Cs of the extended warranty, identify deductable and exclusions.. This is very important. Especially when it comes to wear items and failure of wear items caused by failure of seals or other non-wear items ....



If any of the items above show negative, pass on the bike !!!


Any of these items can be extremely expensive to repair !!! Seals are known for failure on the LT..


Expect around a 1,000.00 bill for the 12K service with valve check from the BMW dealer.

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Maybe, but I think the inspection schedule is 12/24/36 and the maintenace schedule is 600, 6k, and then every 12k miles, so 18k, 30k etc...

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Maybe, but I think the inspection schedule is 12/24/36 and the maintenace schedule is 600, 6k, and then every 12k miles, so 18k, 30k etc...


Yes, that is true. I was specifically addressing the term "biggy" meaning the most involved and costly service. The LT does require a service every 6K which is a minor service including an oil change, motronics check and various other checks.. But, it doesn't include air filter, fuel filter, valve clearance check or spark plugs.. So, yes, you are correct... Most minor checks cost around 200.00 at the dealer.


Hope this clears up any ambiguity with my response.

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