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UK to USA.......


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I would like to bring my R1150rt to the USA in 2009 for a holiday and would appreciate any advice regarding shipping, legal requirements etc such as - does my bike need any modifications for use in the USA

Can anyone advise on which is the best method of shipping and the best agent to ship the bike through?


many thanks and A Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2009 to you all


simon ( UK )

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Seems to me it would be MUCH easier (and cheaper) to arrange to borrow a bike while you're here. You can offer yours when they come to the UK.


(I'd be interested, but a solo-seat R1100RT-P isn't likely to meet your needs.)


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You could rent the DVD "Long Way Round" and see how they did it...


If you get to Utah give a shout.


Bob, are you recommending he ride his bike through mainland Europe east to Siberia then hop a plane to Alaska?


If so, cabin fever must really be setting in up there. :rofl:

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If and when you ship to USA, and it's the left (California) coast, I have facilities

here to accept your shipped motorcycle and store it 'till you get here. PM for more info.




San Jose, CA. home of the fastest motorcycle in the world.

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8 kids, the missus, and 2 St. Bernards... I gotta see a picture of all of you on the RT touring the Grand Canyon! Hell if you are bringing all of them the easiest way to ship the RT would be to secure it in the van you'll be shipping to haul the family.

Oh, I would assumue that depending on the length of you holiday it may be cheaper to rent one. I was talking to an Irishman the was doing an north and south america tour on an Apilia, and acording to him the insurance to run his bike in the states was rediculous. He said that Canada and else where on the continent was not bad but the USA was quite outrageous. Have you considered shipping into the southern part of Canada and starting from there? Obviously I don't know your plans but if you are going to tour in the north west USA then you may want to consider the Canada bit, like shipping it to Vancouver BC and starting out there with some sort of international insurance, I believe the fellow said that there was an amount of time before one had to get American insurance...

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