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2003 1150 GS Adventure


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Well I pulled the trigger on a 2003 1150 GS Adventure.. only issue is that i have never ridden a 1150 GS. Roda a 1200 for about 20 min once. I am looking for any words of wisdom. What i need to look for, what I will need to change. It is pretty much stock, It has aluminum Jesse bags and Hella FF100 lights on a Terra Nova bar. 39,000 miles. I am not worried about about the mileage as my 05 R1200RT has about that much and it seems to be running stronger and stronger all the time. I was looking at the 800 GS or possibly a KLR when this came up. It is snowbound in Spokane WA (about 2 feet) right now and I will take delivery in Jan or Feb depending on the weather. I plan on running it through a shop to insure all is good...


So.. what do you think?

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Nice ride, I had a 2004 1150GS and that was a fun bike. I had a hard time with the buffeting but i have heard that the side adventure wings from the 1200 really help (you can mod them to an 1150). I own a 1200RT and I have ridden a 1200GS, I think the 1200 is a better motor for the RT than the GS. I would be tempted to go 1150 again if I ever bought another GS.

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Good choice...I bought my '04 Adventure with 32,000 miles on it and put 25,000 trouble free miles on it. Lack of tupperware makes for easy servicing. Adding Tobinators and laminar lip removed the initial buffeting my 6' frame was getting from the windscreen. The prior owner had added a Staintune and Ohlins which I also appreciated.


One of the few cautions I would offer is (a) replace the fuel disconnects at your earliest opportunity and (b) after you've filled that big ole tank to the brim, be VERY careful of low speed maneuvers. :D


I would highly recommend that you point your browser to www.advrider.com. It's quite an entertaining site and they have a LOT of great GS/dual sport riding discussions. They also have some of the most entertaining ride reports I've ever read.


Enjoy and be safe.


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