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Corbin Seat


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Well everyone’s posterior is different, right? Comfy to one is miserable to another.


I will say though about Corbin, in general you have to be a person that likes a firm seat. We’ve had them on two different bikes, and like them, but then that’s just our butts.


I would never use the word "plush" to describe a Corbin. So if that is what you are looking for, don't go there.


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I had a Corbin saddle on my R1100S for about 5000 miles, and now on my R1200RT for nearly 50k miles.

Very, very comfortable 'for me'. Couldn't have finished my SS1000 without it. :thumbsup:

Others have whined about it's firmness, but it has never caused me any problems at all.


My wife still uses the OEM back in the pillion position and seems to be quite happy with that.


As for Corbin's service, other than ordering the saddle online and receiving it promptly,

I've not had much experience with them.

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I just went through this and decided on a Bill Mayer. I was originally more concerned with looks than true comfort and was leaning towards Sargent or Corbin. The Bill Mayer was more than $200 cheaper and custom built to me and my pillion specifically. Very comfortable.



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I just replaced my Corbin with a Russell Day Long. I should have kept the Corbin. For the money and 3 months I waited for the Russell I just don't think it was worth it.


My dark gray Corbin was a work of art and this Russell looks like a prosthetic device for the butt. Unfortunately the wife likes the Russell better but only because the Corbin was slipperier. She could sit through a 13 hour day on the Corbin so it couldn't have been that bad.


Corbin may not have the super secret recipe for building a seat but they sure as hell know how to build a saddle.

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Ive used Corbins for years because I like a firm saddle and sometimes u dont have to wait to get one. Having said that, their customer service is the worst Ive ever dealt with so beware. If I ever get the patience I want a Russell Day Long- sat on once and loved it.

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My bike came with a Corbin. I sold it on here and don't miss it. Compared to the BMW Comfort Seat, it's firmer, flatter, and wider. Being wider, it's more difficult to reach the ground.


However, it was heated and that was nice.....

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Corbins do have a polarizing opinion. I know about equal numbers of riders who love and hate their Corbins. Back in the day, Mike Corbin had a good reputation for service, not so much in recent years.

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i went from a Russel to a Corbin, best choice I made in seat comfort for the 11RT.


I've got Sargent seats on other bikes, including one custom made and for me, the corbin just fits better.

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I've had Corbins in the past, and they're okay, but I've switched to BillMayer and will never go back. Super comfy for very long days, we've had the seat custom built for me in the front and my wife in the back. She has done 500 mile days with me no problem.

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I had a Corbin on my R11RT and have a heated Corbin on my R12RT. Yeah, it's heavy, yeah the mounting is sometimes finicky without chanting the proper incantations, but it is the best saddle for me by far. Love the leather, and the best thing is that on a long ride I don't think about my butt at all.

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There is one other thing re. Corbins, from my experience. The firmness of the seat transmits more engine vibes to your butt, esp. if the bike happens to be a thumper such as the F650GS. I just bought one and it came with the OEM seat also. The OEM does not transmit the vibes that the Corbin does, so that is a downside, even if you like the firmness---which I do.

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Corbin seats suck and their customer service is abyssmal. I've owned several and was never overwhelmed with any of them. (I'm a slow learner) Very hard and heavy. The last one I owned ripped at a seam after 7 months and they told me that they'd fix it for $117.00. That was the last straw. I told them then that I'd pass the word.


Sorry for the rant



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I've had aftermarket seats for years and here is what I have experienced.


As I have aged, the cushoning in my butt has thinned. Thus, I now feel pressure on my tail bone and hip bones that I did not feel years ago (I'm 61). My butt has also widened and I have gained about a pound of weight per year since I was 40. In my 30's when I was slim and had a lot of padding in my butt, the stock seat was good for 200 miles. In my 50's I could stand it for only 75 miles.


I found that my foot forward R1200C "cruiser" put a lot of weight on my butt, making my tailbone and hip bones scream after 75 miles, even with a Mayer aftermarket seat. My next bike was an R12RT which put my feet under me which changed the dynamics drastically. It rotated my hips forward which resulted in very little pressure on my tailbone and less on my hip bones. I had a Russell seat made for me and I can now easily do 200 miles whithout discomfort.


It would seem from my experience anyway that good seat comfort is largely a result of age and weight combined with a good aftermarket seat if the stock seat doesn't work.


Anyone else have experience like this?



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Dave in Doodah

I replaced my stock seat on an airhead with a Corbin Canyon about 10 years ago and am VERY happy. Firmer than stock, but more comfortable overall - and there is a 'break-in' period where the memory foam molds to your tushie... I also added a backrest many years later for my wife and it plugged right in. Customer service was great - they seemed to custom build when I ordered. The leather and seams are wearing very well, too.


My newer RT has an aftermarket seat that is quite cushie, but I am thinking I will replace it with another Corbin soon - will wait for one or two long rides to make sure before I order though...

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