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cape fear BMW


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Hi All:


So, a beautiful 70 degree NC december day. I hopped on my neglected RT and headed down to Wilmington, NC to pick up my 36K service stuff... filters, alt belt, final drive oil, tranny oil. So, I am asking the mechanic there (can't recall his name-super guy), what size socket I'll need to turn the nut to get a new alt belt on. He promptly walks me back and gives me the UBERTOOL from BMW motherland from the double secret BMW tool vault in the shop and hands it to me. I love this guy. Oh, yeah, "do you have a 1/2 inch socket wrench for this thing?", sure, here you go. So, stich off, sit down, pull the cover, cut the old belt, uber tool on, new belt on. 15 minutes. One of the guys even gave me a hand with a little push above as I turned the uber tool below as the top pulley portion of the belt was just not quite seated up there just right. Wow. This from the same guy who gave me detailed instructions (including printed out ones) on the oil change procedure for my X-challenge after its initial service. They wouldn't let me wash my hands with the regular soap, took me into the shop again for some good scrubbing shop soap.


I won't go anywhere else for parts, great service. This is a small shop which I can only assume is struggling now as many small shops are. They must be at the bottom of the food chain as far as getting the new bikes, etc. Support your local dealer when you can. I burned half a tank of gas to buy parts from them, there is no doubt I will be back. Oh, yeah, the ride was nice, 48MPG on State Trooper infested NC70 and NC17.


So, if you're ever going through Wilmington, stop in and check these guys out. No affiliation, satisfied customer.

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Hey Chris

Do you think they would let me borrow their ubertool for a few minutes so I can change my belt? :rofl: I am at 36K miles and only 2700 miles away. Have a great holiday with your family and friends. We will not make it to Morehead this year for the holidays.

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Hey Chris,


They seemed like a good group when I stopped in the day after they opened. Glad they were so helpful with you.

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Not sure if it is still the case, but Cape Fear BMW was owned by the same folks that own Capital BMW in Raleigh and Carolina BMW in Greensboro.


No longer. A year+ ago they sold it to (I think) the folks that own the local Triumph shop.

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