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Here's a novel idea for a a struggling business


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Nothing real newsworthy there Billy. I am not sure what Honda does for Incentive Bonus (not mentioned here). At my company, all pay grades above the average worker will not get any merit increase next year. The guys and gals on the floor still will get theirs which I think is cool. Now we still will get a % of our Bonus plan (we were up 5+% this year over 2007) but even that will be tempered by the financial outlooks. We made money so we don't need to slash, but we are taking precautions. It looks like Wall St is also finally figuring out we are undervalued. Last couple of days have shown us rising.


I am all for reforming the pay structures for a lot of companies so they are not rewarding bad performance. I just don't think you should do it for companies that are profitable.

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In the local paper there's a story about Agilent cutting all employee salaries by 10%.


Where I work, we'll probably be looking at about the same %, although it will be a combination of salary and benefit reductions.


Still...it beats getting laid off or retired prematurely.

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