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Hydraulic bike lift


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Has anyone got a lift for the R1200RT that they can recommend?


Bob, I am extremely happy with the Handy lift.. It is a very heavy duty lift table with a good air lift cylinder.. A lot of motorcycle repair shops over here use the Handy lift..


Problem is it is quite heavy & shipping would be high to your country unless they have an outlet over there..


Because of the size & shipping weight you probably need to look closer to home & at what people in your area are using..





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You might want to clarifiy you are in the UK in your post header. You will save yourself from a lot of US responses.

I thought the England in his details did the job :P makro had a deal on hydraulic lifts with a capacity of 400kg, a couple of weeks ago, about £40 might be worth a look, although you might wish to check if you can lift an RT in that manner.

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I thought the England in his details did the job :P


You would think so wouldn't you... on BMWST details are often over looked or just outright ignored.

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