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Battery charger (BMW): How do I test.....


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to see if it's functioning properly? New battery installed, yet red light remains on (doesn't progress to green).


(Sorry to revive this topic JayW)




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I guess nobody knows the answer to your question, Joe. If you have a dealer close by, maybe they could try hooking it up to one of the bikes in the store and see what happens with the indicator lights. They might offer to replace it if they cannot confirm that it is working properly, especially if you bought it there.



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I had a similar problem - would not progress to any color.


brought to dealer and tested on several bikes worked fine.


Solution - and i leave this up to you - I removed the BMW accesory connector and installed a direct to battery connection with a weather proof two lead connector.


Worked right away, secondary bonus - no key dance.. :thumbsup:





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Just a thought, although you probably have the correct procedure down... You must plug the charger into your bike's connector BEFORE you plug it into an electrical socket. If I forget to do this my light stays red. (IMO, it should blink red, but it doesn't. It just stays red.)

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Have you tried (after plugging the charger into the bike and then into the 120v AC) turning the ignition on for about 15 seconds and then off again? Works for me every time.


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"A weather proof two lead connector"??? Where do I obtain? what sounds (to me) like an exotic device.




I got it at my local auto parts store. Actually they carry 2, 3, 4 lead connectors.


I bought a male/femal set up and soldered on accordingly.




These are the parts:






The only critical part of the job was to properly identify the positive wire once i took the connector apart.



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Same as someone else mentioned below. You have to plug into the bike before you plug into AC. If it still shows solid red after a while, try it on your car or other battery...

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Odd. My Battery Tender Jr works fine on my bike's battery. I have it attached to the pos and neg sides of an accessory fuse panel I installed, using the connector that comes with the BT. It usually goes from steady red to steady green within 2-4 hours.


However, I clipped the BT Jr to my RV's battery on my workbench, then plugged it into the wall. Five hours later it was still solid red. I thought maybe the battery is about dead because I've had some problems with it, but it showed it had 12.85 volts. Odd.

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