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R 1200 RT Tools

Paul In Australia

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Paul In Australia

Hi Guys

I am looking at starting my own basic servicing. Fluids, valve adjustments etc.

Need to put together a tool list required to comfortably carry out these and other minor issues.

Bike is a 2008 spec R 1200RT

Can anyone supply a suggested list please?

Assistance greatly appreciated

regards :Cool:

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Search for tool list on the site, Jim Vonbaddens is on here someplace, and it is pretty comprehensive. Mabey someone more savy than me will put up a linky...

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here are your 'top 10' essentials


1/ hammer

2/ big hammer

3/ really big hammer

4/ frigo bar (for the fluids you mention)

5/ bottle opener

6/ entertainment center - i like music but some prefer tv

8/ wooden crate to sit on

9/ credit card

10 / handy but ok stickily speaking not essential - trailer.



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My method of gathering tools was to separate any tool I needed for regular maintenance from my main tool chest and then carry those tools. I then added items like Letherman, electrical tape, wire ties, etc. Using this method I can remove wheels (including droping the muffler), adjust valves, remove fairing, check voltages, remove battery, etc. I always use the collected tools when I do maintenance at home so that I can identify any missing tools that should be in the kit.

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feeler gauges (.015" and .030" if I remember right, smeone may correct me). Combination wrench set, torques bit tool set are the ones that come to mind but I havent one puch to my 1200 and there are alot of things different than the 1100 and 1150's I have worked on.

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