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Migsel Mount-Anybody seen/used one?


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Mark, I have one on my R1200RT, holding a heavy Garmin 376 and the XM puck. I like it. I used to have a radar detector mounted, too, but I got rid of it. The R1200 mount has three places for RAM balls, so you can mount multiple items. Some folks comment about vibration of the GPS screen, but it hasn't bothered me in 24,000 miles. I liked not having to drill holes. Took about four minutes to install it.

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I have one on my R1200RT that's served me well. I use it to mount my Garmin Quest and a digital am/fm receiver. Haven't really been bothered by vibration.

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I use one on a 12rt as well. +1 on all the comments.

I use all 3 Ram balls... ipod, cellphone and B2B radio. I've had it installed for almost a year and I think I'm still in "testing" mode.

Initially i thought it would be good alternative to a shelf... aesthetically speaking, it probably is cuz it looks OEM and no drilling is required for the install. But, I'm still not convinced it functions better than a low profile shelf...

Vibration has not really been an issue for me.



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I originally purchased the Migsel to mount a Zumo 550 on my R1200RT.


Easy to install and had very good visibility.

However I found the vibration annoying.


Changed to the BMR Co-Pilot Shelf :thumbsup:



The BMR is a larger unit however it is easy to install.

Even Markgoodrich would be able to install it in 3 1/2 minutes - no drilling required. :rofl:


Most importantly, there is absolutely no vibration and it has equally as good visibilty as the Migsel (simliar line of sight).


After 10,000 kms & IMHO - it is worth spending the extra dollars on the BMR.

Once you mount the GPS and any other accessories, the BMR looks like it is an original part of the bike.


Undoubtedly, we have re-ignited the GPS mount debate!!




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