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On Board Computer Gas Guage Problem


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I just purchased a used 2005 R1200RT. I took a ride yesterday and about 30 miles into the ride the yellow warning indicator on the dash came on. The fuel inicator on the OBC screen was flashing and showing no bars on the fuel guage. I came to the first gas station and filled it up, but the problem still was there. On the ride home at one point it started working, but soon failed again. Got online and looked at the illustrated parts breakdown pictures; looks like the bike has a fuel level stick instead of a float sending unit. Has anyone had this same problem? Any help would be appreciated.

Marlyn Webb

marlyn.webb@navy.mil (work)

ktmsxc@myway.com (home)

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Welcome aboard!


This may be software related as there was an upgrade to address incorrect fuel reading.


I would take to the dealer and have them check.


If it is the fuel strip they would need to re-calibrate anyway.

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I've had this happen twice to me the first time the dealer replaced the sensor the second time they found a rubber gasket missing on the plug to the sensor. It was thought that water was grounding the plug causing the false reading.

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