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Happy Anniversary To Me


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It was one year ago today that I took delivery of my new 07' RT.

Wow! Time flies when you're getting old (or is it "having fun").


I've managed to rack up almost 10,000 miles, (in addition to about 5,000 on my H-D), attend a couple of this forum's events and meet many nice folks, one of which is now a regular riding buddy and friend. (you know who you are Bob) :wave:


This bike rocks! :thumbsup:


Looking forward to another year of BMW fun. Hope to see you all on the road...



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Hey Rick--


Congrats on your 1 year anniversary. We have had some fun and then some! My only regret is I didn't get a blackmail picture of you riding in shorts while carrying the beer can :dopeslap:


Seriously, you are the best navigator, I have had the pleasure to ride with. Good luck and many more years.

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You'll have to pay more than Rick is for the pictures to appear.

Congrats Rick, it has been fun getting to know you, even if you keep Bob over in that neck of the woods too much.

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