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On which side is the brake on Rossi's Yamaha?


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In this month's issue of RoadracingWorld, Matt Oxley wrote a story with pictures about Rossi. The point of the story is Rossi adjusted has the ability and did adjust his brake while riding at 199.2 mph and entering a 120 mph right hand corner.


MotoGP's onboard cameras caught the motion of his hand making the adjustment, but it's his left hand.


Could Oxley have had it all wrong or is the brake at the left hand? Just wondering.

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The brake lever is on the right. The brake adjuster is on the left. It's a cable adjuster that the rider can twist to adjust the brake lever engagement point. The cable runs from the left handlebar area over to the right. I hope I'm explaining this in a way that mskes sense to you.

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