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New Bill Mayer saddle *ride report*


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I finally have my first after market saddle and I never knew what I was missing. After some research on this board I decided on a Bill Mayer vinyl dual saddle with basketweave. I had initially leaned towards a Sargent dual saddle purely on looks (it is a handsome saddle) but after realizing that my main objective was long distance comfort, I knew that the Bill Mayer at $408.00 was the way to go.

The shipping and receiving went flawless and I had enclosed the photos and measurments they requested for a better fit to me and my pillion personally. It arrived about a little over a week after they got it (Cali to Fla) and was perfect.

I had a chance to give it a good break in today for a two hour ride with my daughter and I'm thoroughly impressed! There's no more pressure points on my rear. There's no more sliding forward for me or my daughter and the cushioning seems to be right on for both of us. Her's has a little more squish to it than mine ,probably becuase of the big weight difference. It does however add a little height to my riding position. I kept trying to adjust my aeroflow up a few more inches because I'm used to peering over the top of it in mid height adjustment. When it was all the way up I had to look through it. Now at full height, the aeroflow is maybe two inches below my field of view. Not a bad thing at all - just something to get used to. I can't quite flat foot at a stop now - but that's ok too. Overall I can say that I'm very impressed with this new addition and look forward to some LD riding where the gas gauge will be my que for a stop and not my rear!

The only glich I could say is the riders seat can be lifted off without unlocking the pillion seat first. It seems the plastic male / female interlock underneath the seats doesn't quite connect for some reason when it's in the lowest setting. When I raise the seat height adjuster to the second or tallest setting they connect firmly. I may just have to add some material to the riders seat male tab thingy to ensure it fits in and locks up.





Sorry, yes that's the BEACH in the background!



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