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My son (Travis), his friend (Peter), and I took a ride today and had lunch at the LOCO COYOTE located 7 miles WEST of Glen Rose, TX just off Hwy 67. I wanted the Ribs, but if you want ribs, don't go until AFTER 3:00PM!!


However, Travis had the catfish, Peter ordered a large hamburger, and I ordered a small hamburger.


This is what Peter's large burger looked like...



So, my small was PLENTY big. They have NO SMALL burgers. They were both great!!! Travis told Peter if he finished his, Travis would buy his lunch plus the two hot chocolates Peter ordered. The bet was on. The was the conclusion....




We finished by ordering a SMALL Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce, topped with Ice Cream and Whipped Cream - PERFECTION!




So, if you're in Texas, decide to try the LOCO COYOTE, go WEST out of Glen Rose on Hwy 67 for 7 miles. Look for large wooden pinkish sort-of faded bill board sign on RIGHT side of highway. Turn Right and go 3/4 mile. It is BBG & Grill on left. Worth the trip.

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Thats a nice looking Burger,I well have to check this place out,,I love a good Burger,,,Thanks,,Map Quest say's it's 1060 miles from my house,,I can see an Iron Burger Butt run coming up soon....

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Their sliced brisket sandwich is about 5 times the size of a regular sliced sandwich, you can order a bucket of ribs, and the chicken frieds are huge! :thumbsup:

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