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GPS and Communication on a R1150RT


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I'm thinking about getting a J&M CB 2003 DU and a Zumo 550.

I'm interested in reviews from those that have the same.

How is the CB and Blue Tooth? Do you get good bike to bike and rider to passenger communication? What about being able to hear the voice prompts from the GPS? With the Blue Tooth, do you get good CB signals, is it functional?


Is there a better way to accomplish the above with out breaking the bank?

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You won't go wrong with the Zumo. But you have to price out an Autocomm/Kenwood communication rig before you pull the trigger on the J&M. The J&M looks like a nice setup but most riders here will tell you the above setup is pretty unbeatable. And they're as good used as new.

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I have the J&M 2003 and Zumo combo on my 2006 RT. Both units work exceptionally well together. As for the CB you really need to build a strong ground wire interconnecting the antenna base with several frame locations to get good radio performance. The Zumo output is feed to the accessory audio input of the 2003 and everything works including prioritization of the sound sources.

I also added a Kennedy Engineering microphone coupler so I can use the Bluetooth connected cell phone while riding. Everything from them was plug and play. I am very pleased with how everything works together. XM satellite radio, XM weather and traffic, MP3 player, GPS prompts, cell phone usage, intercom, NOAA weather, and CB com are all handled through the wired headset. I understand J&M might be working on a Bluetooth dongle for the 2003 CB/amp. I think I will just stay with wired connection and avoid battery charging of the headsets each night.


Good luck with your project !



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Thanks Bill and Mudman, I've read a few reviews on the CB2003 and have been looking for reviews/recommendations for the AutoCom set up. I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet.


Thanks for the link Don.

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