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Why you should stay home to do your drugs


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Got a call to my local grocery store. Upon arrival was met by the manager who explained there was a lady in the deli section that seemed "not quite right" She then explained to me the incident that was the reason for the call. The deli section is a section that serves hot meals and has a small area with tables and chairs. The lady referred to was sitting in a chair at one of the tables and was being detained by another store employee who I noticed to be armed with a mop and bucket. When questioned the lady could not tell me how she got there, her name, or where she lived. Fortunately she had the name "Tiffany" tattooed on the back of her neck..I asked her who Tiffany was and that was enough to spark her memory of her first name, Tiffany. She was very confused and kept asking me what the problem was and why she was being detained. When I explained that it was illegal to go into Brookshire's deli, where people are eating, and climb upon a table, pull your pants down and pee all over the table, chair and floor she asked me "but what's the problem?" Assuming she either walked there or was dropped off I was quite surprised to learn she had actually driven and her Cadillac was in the parking lot. Upon walking out to the car I discovered a male sitting in the front passenger seat. I opened the front door to question him and in short order I realized he too was a little disoriented. He was holding in his hand a blount marijuana cigar and when I asked him why he was there he told me "Tiffany needed to stop and use the restroom". I asked him to step out of the car which he reluctantly did. Left laying in the seat was a bag full of crack rocks. Investigation revealed he had gotten out of the pen on parole two days earlier after serving several years for an aggravated robbery. Seems the culprit in this case was a little PCP. Two whole days of freedom..

I wish I could make this stuff up.. :rofl:

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Appears to be another example of "profiling".

I would expect this to be thrown out and the victims awarded millions of dollars, free lunch at the Deli and a reserved parking space at the grocery store. ;)

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This is why I decided to work with fish.





From someone who lives where the state bird is a Salmon!


(I can say that.... I used to live there :) )


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