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Go Karting on the Isle of Man


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"The yellow one sure had a power advantage"

And here I thought he was better on the brakes, and the camera kart was better off the corners.

When I was racing bikes I thought for a while that when I got too old for bikes I would try karts. Then I 1) saw the world championships for 125cc in Jacksonville Fl, and found out all the quick guys are about Italian or South American, 4 feet tall, weighed about 14 pounds, and had 13.9 pound cajones, and; 2) watched the Super Karts at Willow Springs put on a short race during a WERA endurance race weekend, and found out the American kart guys weren't the brightest bulbs in the chandelier (no offense, just an spectators perspective). One of the guys stalled his kart coming onto the front straight and got out (off?) of the kart and got his ankles clipped out from underneath him by the next kart. I then realized 'You can actually get hurt doing that. Bikes gotta be safer' I gave up on the karting idea about 10 seconds after watching that.

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