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BikeSafe in North Carolina


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Last Friday, I took the BikeSafe course offered by the NC Highway patrol at their facility in Raleigh. This is the same course that John, Motorman587, talked about a while back. The program was imported from England and they've spread it to several locations around the state with plans to move to other states as they show results. The basis of the one-day training was to observe and critique the rider on actual streets and real situations. England has put a lot of money and manpower into the program and has shown very positive results in reduced accidents.


When I signed up, I was told that I was about number 200 on the list; class size is about 16 and only taught on Fridays. A month ago, I got an e-mail saying there had been a cancellation if I wanted in on the Dec 5th class. Sure I said; it was a warm day in November, why wouldn't it be a warm day in December? Well, it wasn't that terrible and it stayed dry. They say that they hold classes unless there's ice or snow.


After a pep talk about the program and bike and document inspections , we were divided up with two students per coach and sent out on a long circuit. The coaches were volunteers from local law enforcement agencies. Now I know who will be ticketing me in Morrisville and Gardner. The coach rode between the two students and gave directions to the lead rider using hand signals and turn lights. I had the route on my tankbag, but was unfamiliar with the area. Halfway through the ride, the students swapped places and there was a new leader receiving directions.


After the ride we got a free lunch at the NC HP cafeteria. Back in class the talk switched to defensive driving strategies, delayed apexing, and such. The afternoon ride was longer and more varied. The last part was a tricky get on the interstate, sun in your eyes, cross over a coupld of lanes, get on the beltline (headed in the right direction), merge, swap lanes a couple of times, and then exit. Nobody died or got lost; I was surprised.


There was some talk about requiring BikeSafe for people under 21 who get tickets on their bikes. Also talk of getting a reduction on insurance for taking addional training.


My evaluation: it's a positive experience. A lot of information was put out there to follow up on. I don't think I was their target audience; I already knew the things they were covering (thanks to David Hough and this BBS). Even so, it was a good reinforcement and drilling of values.



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I'm a valueable lab rat. It was free and they threw in lunch. Since this year was just the start up, there was no charge until they get the program perfected.



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Quinn..... Some time ago I treceived the same email about dates that had openings. Do you have that message on hand? I've been kicking myself as I live ~20 minutes from where the class is held and have considered just dropping by to watch the class while it's on the track.


Do you have the note with all the dates??

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Do you have the note with all the dates??


Yes - I would also be interested in this, plus some contact information or a link to a web site if you have that.



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Jay, here's a contact person for information. She'll send you an information packet and then notify you when there's an openning after you register. Also, there may be a class taught closer to where you live; I remember him mentioning Wilmington and Fort Bragg. The one's in Raleigh are almost every Friday, rain or shine and last from 8:45 to 5:00.


Kimily Jones Wyman

NCSHP-Training Academy

(919) 662-4430





there is no track time; all the riding is done on the street, in traffic, under the watchful eye of the "assessor" in the middle of the three. And yeah, I wanted to get out and play with the cones and turn a fast lap or two.





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Thanks to this post I have recontacted Sgt Brown with NC Highway patrol. This program is growing like a wildflower he told me. I am going to the next assessor class in March. :clap: Hopefully will bring this event to Florida, or at least attempt too. My goal is get some type of govenment involvment into motorcycle safety, then just writting ciations. :thumbsup:

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