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...and only 70K behind on all miles ridden. Maybe I can catch up if I start today? :rofl:



Uh, Keith, I did ride other motorcycles before I discovered the wonderful world of BMW. If we're gonna talk about total motorcycle miles, you'll have to add 115k to my BMW miles. But, I say "yes", START TODAY but, tomorrow, you will be farther behind because I'm going on a Chocolate Run for the club's Christmas Party and you know what that means.





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Well done! I wish I could have started riding a BMW at age 9 like you did...





Thanks, Dave. But I think about people like Dave McQueeny and Dave Swisher both of whom have 1.4 MILLION miles which is almost incomprehensible. That's either 30 years at 45k a year or 45 years at 30k a year. Incredible. I saw Dave McQ. at the premier of Hard Miles in Santa Ana last Saturday night. I had my badge with me, but I was afraid he would laugh at me if I showed it to him.

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START TODAY but, tomorrow, you will be farther behind


Sooo, are you saying I am backing up before I even start? :eek:


When I wrote that, I was planning on a Chocolate Run (San Juan Capo to Ghiradelli Square in SF and back) for the party tomorrow night. If I took PCH, that would be 1,000+ miles round trip. So, no matter what you rode today, probably you would be going backwards at least for a day. However, since that time I landed a big project with a new client which I have to start on Monday and be done by Christmas. That means I have to finish the project I'm working on this weekend.


So, I'm back to where I was, just blowin' smoke once again.



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