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GA-AL-AK-OK-NM-CO North to Glacier?


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I'm looking to ride to Glacier National Park this June from Georgia. My thoughts on the way out are to go:


Georgia-Alabama-Arkansas-Oklahoma-New Mexico-Colorado-then north to Glacier.


Those of you familiar with any of these states, what routes would you suggest through them? I want to stay off interstates, with priorities on good motorcycling roads and beautiful scenery.


Thanks for your feedback,

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I made this loop from the Northwest to Tenn then back via NM, Ut etc this fall. I tried to stay off the Interstates as much as possible except close to home where I was just anxious to leave the area. If you would PM me with your email, I will send you my MS Streets and Trips "As Run" file. Some must see/ride areas in my opinion is: Beartooth Pass, Mt; Chief Joseph Hwy; Big Horn Mts Hwy 14A Wy; All of Utah.


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Yeeha! Stephen

I made a similar trip going to the MOA Rally when it was in Spokane Wa.


DFW to Tucumcari, Taos, Durango, Gunnison, Yellowstone, Cody, Missoula, Spokane, Glacier... were a few of the stops.


Did the Top of the Rockies rally, the BMWST UnRally, and the MOA International Rally, all in a row going up. And then went on to Glacier for a few days.


You looking for routes and/or stops and sights along the way?


I'll dig through my stuff and see if I can find my routes and notes, & post back up.


One thing I did that was both fun and disaster at the same time... Outside of East Glacier is the terminus of US 287. 287 runs right through DFW and on to the Coast. I made a personal quest on the trip back home, and ran 287 end to end. While it ran through Montana, Wyoming, and upper Colorado, it was great. But outside of Denver, 287 runs out onto the flat part of Colo and shoots straight South through the panhandles of Oklahoma and Texas. Boooooooooooring!


But I did it. All the way to the Texas coast! Been there/done that. Never do it again!


Fun trip, you will enjoy it.

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Bear tooth pass (hwy212) From Yellowstone park to Red Lodge is a must,,Last summer we did it both ways,,,Stop in Cooke City for coffee,,And say hi to Blue,,(great dog)

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Morning, Explorinman,


Did that trip two years ago. Slabbed it to Capulin, NM then up to Rocky Mt Park, Teton Park and Yellowstone starting from the south end.


Stayed a few days south of Great Falls and did day trips to GNP.


Going to the Sun Hyw didn't open until July 7 that year, so we missed getting to do that.


Planning to do a similar trip starting around June 1, 2009.


PM me with how to get in touch in Evans, next time I am there to visit my son I'll buy lunch.



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All you need to do is touch as little freeway as possible. The more two lane and small town you can find, the better. Talk to UPS drivers for local sweet roads and take your time indulging. In Glacier, I have only riden west to east, But shoot, you might as well go through both ways as long as you are up there!


Wondrous trip!

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