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Routes around Atlanta


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I'm working on organizing a trip to the Atlanta area in early February, bringing 8-10 bikes down from Toronto. The plan (not carved in stone) is to find a hotel in the Atlanta/Athens area to use as home base, then ride a different loop away and back each day for four days.


I'd be very grateful for any route suggestions or good trip planning websites that anyone knows of.

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Thanks, good to know. I'm not determined to head to Atlanta, only that it's a comfortable two-day drive with the trailer. I could be certainly be convinced to carry on further south if that's a safer bet. The main criteria is to find an area with some nice day rides. I haven't been to the southern US enough in the winter months, and am open to any cautions and suggestions.

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Hmmm... the best riding roads in Georgia are mostly north of Atlanta, but could be iffy in February -- even if you get lucky with the weather -- because of left over gravel from ice/snow. Warm Springs (south of Atlanta) is a possibility. There are some nice backroads in the area, plus hot springs to soak in.

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As others have mentioned, early February in Atlanta might not be acceptable riding weather. Considering the best riding is north of Atlanta and at higher elevation, your chance of ice is much more likely. I usually commute to work year round in Atlanta, so riding is possible, just not a great time to plan a trip here.


Personally, I find the area around the junction of Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia to be some incredible motorcycling roads. I think a trip based out of Franklin, NC gives you excellent day trips in every direction. Franklin is about 2 hours northeast of Atlanta. The "Blue Ridge Rendezvous" was based in Maggie Valley, NC which is close to there. If you look up the BRR threads or the older "El Paseo" threads you can find lots of great GPS routes of fantastic roads in the area.


However, that area is probably going to be cold and potentially icy in February. If you could push the trip back to March or April you would be better off. If it has to February you probably need to go further south where the roads will not be as much fun. Of course riding flat roads in Florida in February still beats the hell out of looking at the bike in the garage in Toronto. :grin:

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BTW- I would definitely not base out of Atlanta. We're still at least an hour from the good riding. There's lots of traffic here, and keeping a group of 8-10 bikes together on unfamiliar roads would not be fun. Whenever I do a day trip from here the absolute worst part is the 1+ hour return to the city from the mountains on the interstate. Stay in a hotel as close to the good riding roads as possible.


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unless you have a need to head south from there on a motorcycle, I'd advise against.

If, however, you want to have the experience checked off of your bucket list, then by all means, do it.

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I've stayed in Helen, Ga (about an hour NE of Atlanta) - great roads in every direction but I would not recommend it in early Feb. I think April - May is an ideal time for that locale.


If you want perfect riding weather in early Feb, come on down to the Florida panhandle. Besides great weather, we actually have some nice roads between Crestview - Tallahassee just north of the coast and of course some beautiful coastal rides.



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You might look at basing somewhere like Ellijay, GA and heading SW around Rome and Summerville, GA if the weather is too cold to ride the higher elevations (this is my winter riding area).

Maybe go to Barber Motorsports Park in Leeds, AL to check out the great collection of bikes there. There are good roads between North Ga and Birmingham.

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I would suggest planning for south Georgia and north Florida.

I could send you some GPS files for that area. It may not be as challenging as the BRP, but that is some of the best riding time of the year for that area.

And if the should be a warm front, you could head to the Blue Ridge or the foothills.

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Climate table is here. I ride Atlanta year round. February is iffy at best but, if you are flexible with timing, there seem to be a few days in any month that are just great. Gerbings are a must.


March is better. If you decide to come in Feb, I'd advise hedging your bets and staying around Dahlonega ... you are well north of the traffic nightmares of metro ATL, have lots of options for short rides and all day trips, and you're just an hour north of ATL if the weather gets too bad to ride. Lots of history in the city, good art museum, great aquarium.


+1 on the riding suggestion for Rome/Summerville area ... North east Alabama also has some great roads at lower altitudes. If you decide to come, let us know and you'll be flooded with GPS files.

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