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1st place in the "Dumbest Invention" category


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Joe Frickin' Friday

Well, one cool possibility is a change in "gear ratio:" you could maintain a high ground speed without having to move your legs terribly fast. OTOH, there would be a lot of friction in the belt, and in those big fat soft tires, so it wouln't be terribly efficient.


If I want to move fast while getting exercise, I think I'll stick with a bicycle...

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Terrific idea. I can just see when the light bulb lit... "Hey, let's add the tedium of a treadmill while adding weight and more effort to your jog." Sounds like a winner to me.

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I think the concept is an interesting idea from this perspective: I run around 300 miles a year. Even after spending $$$ on high-end running shoes and orthotics with extra shock absorption, the deck of my treadmill, even with lousy shoes, is FAR easier on my joints than pavement, dirt, etc. But I can only stand the tedium or running on it when the weather is too bad for a "real" run outdoors. Getting a treadmill's shock absorption while running outdoors would be a great improvement. But I don't think that contraption is the answer.

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Jerry Johnston

Didn't see how they steer it? I think Bicycle tires would be a better idea, they could add drag for a work out but it would be much easier getting up a hill or running when tired if it didn't have those big fat tires.

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