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Out With The Old - In With The New


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I signed the final paperwork transferring my 2005 BMW R1200RT over to Cascades Moto in Beaverton, OR for a new 2008 Rocket III Touring today. I'm actually bike-less until the $1,000+ worth of accessories arrive and are installed. Our weather is supposed to take a nose dive this next weekend that could include snow. I guess I'll have to weather the time it takes to get everything perfect. My friend caught me sitting on my new R3T that included the shipping plastic still on the gas tank and side-bags. I think it's a cute scooter! LOL


The Old




The New



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Look like it should help your hip flexibility. You should be able to perform "the splits" in just a few short months of riding that beast in traffic.


Glad you like it. It is a very sharp looking crusiser.

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Nice looking bike....

Looked at one at Modesto BMW/Triumph a couple of weeks ago..

Wish I had room in the garage for one...Looks like a comfortable ride.

Keep us posted when the snow melts! :grin:

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'Easy Rider' all over again ? Wishing you many happy miles..... I see you have cases on it to put your camera in. Good ! :)

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It looks like it fits you pretty good, and it is a real nice looking bike.


The RT looks real nice too, and I wouldn't be afraid to buy it.


Be Safe Bob

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Beautiful, and fits you well.


I too had hip problems due to dislocating both of them when an errant deer hunter took up the whole of Sheep Ranch road years ago and my wife and I had to take our bike into the roadside ditch. The MSN/Glucosamine stuff has worked wonders for me.

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