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Quarterly Kaylee Update

Les is more

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We had a marvelous early Christmas present last year when Kaylee Delanie Jorgensen was born on December 6th. Here are a few pics from her first birthday party.


Thanks for indulging my Grammy-ness!















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Where can I get a Holstein Jacket!?


Very happy for you Mama Hoon. And there is no charge for me banysitting your other little one.



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I've been wearing Chuck Taylors since the '70s. My kids think I'm cool. They don't know that I just don't have any imagination when it comes to shoes. :grin:


Anyhow, I couldn't resist the pink baby All Stars

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Beautiful baby girl! You should be proud. :thumbsup:


BTW - I did have a holstein jacket like that, but PETA people kept throwing fake milk on it so I had to retire it. :)


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Ahh, the obligatory first birthday "hands in the birthday cake" picture! :grin:


She looks like a joy, Les. I'm happy for you and your family! :wave:



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