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Living history @ the 99 cent store! WWII


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So I dropped in at the 99 cent only store today. For those not on the west coast it's a store where everything is only 99 cents or less never higher.


When I pulled into the lot I spotted a car with this license plate frame. 100th/442nd Go for Broke!


I nearly had a fit. I ran in the store completely distracted, not thinking about why I was there. I grabbed 2 things and ran into line. Who could it be??? Then I looked at the man in front of me... Oh my, I think it's him! Luckily the cashier rang up my 2 items quickly as I saw the man going right for that car with the license plate frame.


Sir, Sir, excuse me were you in the 100th/442nd ?


He was quick to say "Well no, but I wanted to be." He told me he was some what bilingual so he was sent to the pacific in Military Intelligence Service MIS


I wanted him to know how grateful I was for his service despite the injustices forced upon Japanese Americans during WWII.


We continued on and he told me he was in the Philippines and then after the war was actually sent into Japan for the occupation! He was there in October 1945!!! One of the first in to see what it was like. WOW...


He told me his father was not pleased about him going in especially since he was going into the south of Japan where his family was from. He really did not want to see any relatives... He was then sent to northern Japan.

I could see him flash back in his mind as he told me how bad it was, beyond bad actually watching people eating garbage. He then came back and said "I guess that is war." I concurred then he said he was proud to have fought for OUR country.


I then diverted the conversation a bit and told him how my friends father was actually born "in camp" at Poston and how he didn't even know he was inturned as his parents just told him he was born at camp. He always thought that souned kind of fun not realizing until later in life what that really ment.


I thanked the man yet again for his service. He was somewhat surprised I even knew about the 100th/442nd... You know being "younger" and all.


I didn't take his name as I didn't want to intrude too much but I'm sure he would have given it freely. He should be no problem to track down as he is on the registry for his service with MIS

and I'm sure he will be at Nisei week events in Little Tokyo as well as any events held regarding Go for broke .



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