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"Custom Mount on Cylinder Protectors"


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That's awfully close to the header/exhaust. Looks like an excellent location regarding light distribution, and it looks neat, but I would think it's as hot as anything in that location. Is that a recommended install?

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I have the Lumalink brackets that use the brake caliper mouting holes/threads. They work really well.


I discarded my previous "inside the fairing" PIAA bracket in favor of this set up, as the PIAA bracket mounted the lights too close to the front fender and would actually rub on it when leaned over.

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Joe Frickin' Friday
Hello im looking for a housing mount for my PIAA 1100x lights. I found these pictures on the links within this site with a tag called "Custom Mount on Cylinder Protectors"


Question: Where can I get a set of these if anyone knows.





The lighting photo album (your second link) describes that as a "custom" mount, i.e. not something commercially available. They look simple enough to make from a flat piece of stainless steel, if you have access to a few basic shop tools (band saw, belt sander). If I were going to do mounts like that, I think I'd leave a large tab on one side to bend up as a heat shield between the lamp and the exhaust; as Vinny notes, the header is gonna be smokin' hot when the bike rolls to a stop. I think PIAA lamp housings are made of PPS, which tolerates pretty high temps, but that header is pretty close there, and also the wire insulation will only tolerate so much.

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