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Loaner car, what's the secret?


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I'll be taking my car in to the dealer tomorrow morning for some warranty work. Apparently a bolt wasn't tightned enough on the right front disc brake heat shield and it rattles now as well as an ongoing transmission shudder.(Took once already and got a "reprogramming" on the computer.


I know the first problem is a quick fix but I want them to dig into the transmission issue deeper to make sure it's "fixed".

So what's the secret to getting them to provide the loaner car that they always say they don't have- yet there they sit with the dealers advertising on the rear window?

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I tried that. They said they don't have any. I said, "but I have seen them there" Then they said they would see what's what after I've been there a little while and they have a chance to looksee at the problem.

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Prior reservation and if not theirs they usually arrange for an onsite rental car companies car at their expense. In worst case they provide a ride to my house or office. This concerns cars under warranty, non other.


I have a BMW, it may different with other brands but I see their courtesy vehicles all over the place as well.

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