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You have to see this!

Paul Mihalka

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It was an amazing race. Bayliss went down trying to keep Kiyonari in check. Then Kiyo was half a heartbeat from crashing at least three times per lap...every lap....lap after lap....for the entire race.


It was a thoroughly impressive display of riding skill and bravery.

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Amazing, just amazing. First to have such big ones to even try slides like that. And then to execute them with such skill. Impressive indeed.

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Don't know what ya'll getting so excited about. THIS was right underneath that slippery clip :




Gee, if only I didn't ride a motorcycle............



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I beg to differ. They ride like this all the time. I seems dramatic to us since the slides are longer and wider because of the reduced traction in the wet. That same reduced traction also reduces high side scenarios. So wet weather riding is not as hard as it seems at the racing level. The danger comes from the uncertainty of water pooling or streaming across the track.

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..... So wet weather riding is not as hard as it seems at the racing level.


I'm positive that if I were to try it, I could make it exceedingly hard.

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Lots easier on dirt track, slides all the time, pavement is always slippery when you least expect it. Commands my respect bigtime!


If you try to stop broadslide in dirt (let off throttle) it will highside also, but the pavement usually has a heavier more powerful bike envolved. Think that is why HD did so well on dirt, very smooth power and heavy, slides nicely until you hit bumps and ruts.

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