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Philips Motovision or ExtraDuty - Any good?


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Just replaced my low beam with a Sylvania/Osram standard H7 after the original bulb blew in only 7Kmi. Based on the numbers on the original bulb, it is a Osram 64210 or exactly the same as the sylvania standard. So, I won't likely get much more life with this new bulb.


Has anyone got experience with a Philips Motovision or ExtraDuty bulbs?? They cost 4-5x the sylvania standard, but are worth it if they last 4x longer. They claim to last much longer in vibration uses. So how long on a 2007 RT? Perhaps an RT kills bulbs with voltage, then it won't matter if it is a $20 bulb or $5 bulb.


Also, where do you buy these Philips ExtraDuty bulbs??

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