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Gloves Again


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Well I read a couple of bike down stories and I would like to get some idea of the gloves that are being worn for protection as opposed to cold weather gear. Kevlar? Aramat? Did some browsing in a couple cycle sites for gloves and it seems to be one extreme leather (all sorts) and the other being MX style dirt bike stuff and way too flashy for AOF like me. What do YOU have?

Happy Holidays

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Looks like Held and Parks are the way to go. Judging by the number of Posts the responders have had.... I'd say "This IS expert advice" Maybe a Christmas hint in the right place......!

Thanks to All,


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Another for Held Steve's.........Palm is kangaroo claimed to be 80% tougher than cow hide and it is soft and pliable....I wear them with silk liners when it's cold and rarely break out the thick, heavy winter gloves.....

This thread got me thinking about mine so I just gave them a good washing....See Held site below.....


Held Glove Care Instructions..

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Rev'it Inferno for Summer. I also have some Held Summer Fresh gloves that I don't like, so it has to be REALLY hot to wear those.


I have two pair of Helds and I don't really particularly like either of them. Gloves are a very personal thing I guess. For my hands, I've found I like Rev'it!'s and Spidi's the best, but other's don't.

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Lee Parks...


I really like deerskin... it's thin (allowing more tactile feel), but more abrasive resistant than cowhide. And it stays supple even after getting wet. I was a big fan of Thurlow custom deerskin gloves before they went out of business. I still have a couple pair in my arsenal. Lee Parks are as good, in my opinion. Perhaps I have a generic hand size; but the LP gloves (pardon the pun) fit like a glove... a second skin.


Buy the right size (tight as hell when new), break them in, and you have a great 3-season glove. Buy one size larger (maybe with a longer gauntlet), use a liner (and break them in), and you have a great winter glove when using heated grips. (Buy a decent waterproof overglove and you're set for all conditions.)


They do bleed until completely broken in. But that's a common problem with any leather glove. IMO, that's a small price to pay for a glove I'll have for a long time.

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Held Steve is a fine glove but I prefer their longer Profi (now called Storm) gauntlet. Same basic design but longer. So +1 for Held !

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I like to buy gloves that are quite snug, then spray them with leather stretch, and go for a ride. By the time they dry, they have molded to my hands. I love my Tourmaster deerskins for warm weather. Does anyone have experience with the Lee Parks phase change gloves?

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