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Tire inflators ( with the link corrected )


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J.C. Whitney sells the same thing, you can get the cartridges from any place that sells paintball equipment.

Personally, I have one and it stays in the top of my toolbox and the Slime air pump goes on the bike. Just my opinon.


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They are marginal even for mountain bike tires. You would need several cartridges to ensure an adequate inflation level for a motorcycle tire. The 12 volt Slime pump (or something similar) is a much better idea.


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The last time I used a similar product to that, the 12 CO2 cartridges I had with me were insufficient to get my R1200-RT rear tire up to a pressure where it was safe to ride. (40 miles north of Tonopah trying to outrace a snow storm....I wound up trucking the bike the rest of the way home.)

I used that same CO2 system for years on bicycle with great results, but for motorcycle, I now carry one of the slime compressors.

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