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Heated seat wiring diagram


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Actually I have a R1150RT. But it is fitted with a heated seat from a R1200Rt, but not wired in.

Can anyone help w/ a wiring diagram for the heated seat on R1200RT, so I have something to go by to install this puppy ?

Thanx for any

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Didn't I answer this question in the Oilheads forum?




But to repeat -


The R1200xx series with heated seats controls the heat level in the ZFE controller module. The heat switch tells the controller how much current to send to the seat. The heat level of the seat is software controlled. So that isn’t going to get you anywhere on an R1100 (or R1150), as there is no equivalent.


I don’t think you’re going to be happy with a static value resistor solution either. For one thing it’s going to take a pretty large wattage one (5W or better). And secondly, the response is not going to be very liner.


Instead I would suggest what I suggest/do when I install aftermarket heated seats for people – Get a variable heat controller sold for heated clothing and install that to the seat. (Gerbing’s in-dash one is great for this, but there are others.) That way you can dial up the exact amount of heat you want, and it will stay consistent, for the day you are in.



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Ken is correct in that you will have to have a way to regulate the heat in the seat since the R1200RT drivers seat does not have a switch in the seat itself, like the R1150RT does.


I also agree that the best approach is to use a heated garment controller. You should be able to either buy a new one (Gerbings, Tour master, Warm 'n safe, etc) or find a used one for sale on this or other MC sites.


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Thanx for all the help. I've gotten heat (small amount) out of it and am doing further experimenting......but....

Looks like it's not very good.......................

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