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Ram Mount Help for Tom Tom GPS


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I want to buy a ram mount for my wife's new gps so I can use it on my bike. After using the ram mount wizard on their website, It said I needed the bracket that cradles the gps, a thing for the back of that, a post, and a ball thing that fits onto the clutch fluid reservoir on my RT.


My question: There wasn't an option given for mounting it any other way than on the clutch fluid reservoir. Is that the only option? Is that a good way to mount these things? How long a post should I get? 1.5" all the way to 5" are the choices.

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Mark, you don't need to mount to the clutch reservoir,, in fact that probably isn't the best place due to bar vibration,, possibly hitting the windshield,, & sticks out like a sore thumb.. If you mount it centered & low you can set your helmet over it at short stops & no-one will see it.. Here is the Zumo 550 mounted on an 1150 RT,, different unit but you get the idea..




RAM-B-238-TO2U ___For back of GPS cradle (might need something else depending on what your GPS cradle looks like on the back.



RAM-B-272U ___To bolt to handle bar bolt (9mm hole with a slight bend)



RAM-201-B ___ Arm to hook GPS ball to handle bar ball



You will also need a longer 8mm bolt & a short spacer to hook RAM-B-272U to the handlebar (a short piece of brass pipe works good for a spacer)




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