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Repair DVD

Dan B.

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I have been looking at a few of the RT repair DVD's on e-bay for around 7-15 dollars. Has anyone had any experience with this product. Is it worth purchasing and will it show enough information to work on the newer RT's.

Just a side note, is there a location to purchase a good repair manual for the later model RT's ???

Thanks, Dan B.

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++ on Von Badens's DVD. Re. the BMW "REPROM" repair manual on DVD ($5-$10 on Ebay, $120 from BMW), it is good to have for info. such as torque values, and some repair procedures. Don't expect it to show you in explicit detail how to do everything; it expects some prior knowledge, but is good to have along with the other 2 items mentioned. Is the Ebay version a knock-off of the copyrighted real thing? Yes.


Also try the Haynes manual--good to have--works for the 07-08 also.


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