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Finally got It Done!


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Morning guys,

Well I did it. I'm the one that posted about the RT vs the GSA earlier. After alot of thought and help from you guys here, I ordered a new GSA yesterday. I can't say enough about Engle Motors here in KC. Not only is my salesman very knowedgeable and patient, but everyone in there is very friendly and really makes you feel at home. Ever since I bought the new RT in '02 and sold it in '04 after 23,000 miles, they've been great anytime I walked in always asking what I was riding.

I think what it finally boiled down to for me was even though I loved the RT as much as I did, I have a '96 Ultra Classic which I really like that I would never get rid of. So I'm asking myself, do you really need two dedicated touring bikes? Plus, I'm wanting to get off the pavement some. I grew up on a farm about 80 miles north of here and still have alot of relatives that own several thousand acres plus all the back roads around that area. I know this bikes too heavy to do anything like I used to with my RM465, but that's not what I'm after at almost 50 years old. Just looking for a little different type of riding plus still touring like I love to do. It might have not been the best desision considering the economy and some of the unknowns we're facing right now, but it never seems like there is ever just the right time.

Here's what I ended upwith:

ABS, heated grips, TPM, fog lights, BMW side and top cases, plus the three waterproof bags that fit in each case. Having a 30" inseam, they're going to install standard height GS Ohlin shocks for me when the bike arrives. They're thinking around 3 months.


I'm excited!

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Sounds like an excellant choice, it helps to have a great dealership to back you up.

Having two touring bikes you never know which one to take, now you know.

Dan B.

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