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Heated seat ??


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On my '04 R1150RTP, the seat has wires and plug underneath but nothing visible to connect them to. I'm assuming these wires are for heated seat but, unlike my LT, there is no switch on the seat.

I can rewire for heating the seat (once I figure out resistor size) but where is the switch for the heated seat usually located ?

Thanx for any

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The stock R1150RT or RT-P does not have a heated seat neither was it offered as an option - that was introduced on the R1200RT.

RT-Ps have a lot of extra wiring which varies according to which department owned it.



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Hmmmmm....I better consider that before I hook up the juice....

I can always find an unused switch for the seat but,

the only real problem I face is that the wiring diagram for the k1200LT shows resistors in both the high and low circuits, but no value shown for them.

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I don't know for sure about the 1150, but on the 1100 the wires that terminate with a blue connector right under the seat are for the Motronic diagnositcs. If the connector is blue, I suspect that is what you are looking at, not wires for a heated seat? The procedure for toggling out error messages has been posted here, and I think is at IBMWR.

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The wires are not UNDER the seat, They come out of the seat from Underneath. If I remove the seat, There are wires dangling under it that go up into the seat. Has got to be heated .......or vibrated.

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so you have a seat with wires running into it - looks like an electric seat - but you cant figure outhow to turn it on.


to confirm is not some sort of pressure sensor (unlikely) you could try opening up the seat.... you might then need an automotive upholsterer to reattach the cover (using stainless staples). i understand you can also use rivits.


do you know which agency the bike came from? maybe figure out who they had do the service and contact that place. how many bwm bike dealers are there in oregon anyway...


another option - you could cut the wires and start over - treat like a new install. get a relay and a switch etc...

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came from Medford, Oregon City P.D.........

Local dealer will not give any info. (says it's private)

I'm sure it's a heated seat....

Now of the four wires in the connector, I've only got to figure out how to wire them. An ohm meter indicates that one path has more resistance than the other (hi/low heat ?) but how to wire remains a mystery.

wire colors seem to match up to R1200RT diagram but I don't have the whole diagram so wiring will be a guess....I guess...

Yes, relay, and I'll use the 2nd unused heated grip switch for hi/low.( also find a switched circuit to avoid dead battery)

I'm thinking if I borrow my buddies conventional battery charger I can do some connections...and......

but first, I'll take the seat to our local dealer and talk w/ the tech that does police bikes.

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So...it appears that this is a heated seat for an R1200RT.

now all I need is a wiring diagram.........

The R1200xx series with heated seats controls the heat level in the ZFE controller module. The heat switch tells the controller how much current to send to the seat. The heat level of the seat is software controlled. So that isn’t going to get you anywhere on an R1100, as there is no equivalent.


I don’t think you’re going to be happy with a static value resistor solution either. For one thing it’s going to take a pretty large wattage one (5W or better). And secondly, the response is not going to be very liner.


Instead I would suggest what I suggest/do when I install aftermarket heated seats for people – Get a variable heat controller sold for heated clothing and install that to the seat. (Gerbing’s in-dash one is great for this, but there are others.) That way you can dial up the exact amount of heat you want, and it will stay consistent, for the day you are in.


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How many wires are there?


If there are four, it could be that two are for heating, and two are for sensing temperature. If that's the case, you would just need a controller of some kind.


If a pair of wires has a resistance:


If the pair of wires has a resistance somewhere between 3k ohms and 100 k ohms:

it might be a thermistor used as a temperature sensor.


If it's somewhere around 10 ohms:

it might be for heating. Or it might be a thermocouple for sensing -- but an ohmmeter isn't the right way to check that. If it's for heating, the power output of a resistor is V^2 / R. For V = 12 Volt, that would be 14.4 Watts (and 1.2 Amps current) for 10 ohm, which might be reasonable. Something less than 1 ohm or greater than 100 ohms can't be for the heater because that would provide an unreasonable power.




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re: " Local dealer will not give any info. (says it's private)"


sheesh what a jerk.

Ok Allan - now i understand - you have a heated seat and nothing to plug it to. for some reason when they sold the bike someone decided to take away the bike half of the wiring, the controller etc. either the cops kept it for reuse on the replacement bike or the intermediary who sold the bike kept it - or the seat never was connected and the heated seat was put on because it was lying around unused and the original (likely unheated) seat on the bike was damaged (say ripped).



i assume you did do some poking around (removing covers and what not... and there really is no harness....


likely the seat you have came from bwm... plan A) try to get the controller half from them as part of the solution.


plan B) you can hit the books (i see your arch. ret - so you have the brainpower and the time) and try to figure out the electronics and technologies of seat heating (people on this forum seem to know about it)


plan C) take the seat apart - you'll know what you have when you are holding it in your hand!


plan D) contact one of the firms that does seat upgrades (including conversion to heatedness) - such firms likely know all about this kind of thing - if you do this in fairness to them (they need to make a living) might want to do it in the intent of buying something from them.


you might want to post a photo or two to encourage the boffins (noheat, kenH, etc) - say of the bottom of the seat with harness visable and a close up of the connector...


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Y'all are great...

I did take the seat to my dealer.....it's a third party heat pad added, not a BMW plug. I got 10 OHMS on one circuit and 100 ohms on the other. I applied 12V and the seat got warm(ish)..............

I'll try it for a longer period as my LT takes a long time to get warm. If it doesn't get any warmer, story ends. If I can get it up to reasonable heat, I'll wire it in while I have all the tupper ware off for a new speedo. If I can't get it up to reasonable heat......Oh well. Thanx for all the help..........

Y'all come have a beer

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