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Picture thread: Younger you on a favorite bike


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'86 K75C with Hannigan fairing, set up for Reg Pridmore's CLASS track school, at Moroso track in Florida. This was the bike I put most miles on, over 200K. I was a young 55.




There will be more...

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I'm on the Briggs and Stratton 5hp with a football helmet spray painted to match :rofl:

My parents couldn't afford to keep up with the neighbors parents, so my Dad made my bike :thumbsup:

Date on the photo


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Back then I could pack everything I owned into a duffle bag except the bike and truck. A camera was not part of the equation. I did not miss it then. Now a camera goes on every trip. Seems like I had to get married before we had a camera? Mostly we used it on long trips in the truck. The motorcycles I had back then were not conducive to two up travel or reliable either. Because of the lack of reliability I rarely went farther from town than I could walk back. Now as memory fades I would like to have photographs of back then but probably I would spend most of the time saying "where did that come from".

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Good observation Sharon! Yes that was a Bud Man t-shirt I was wearing with that Suzuki T-500. Now that I'm back on the topic here's another past bike cira 1983'.




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My new 1981 R100RS - somewhere in Switzerland

Also sporting new Dianese leathers purchased on my BD in Riva Italy

(still have 'em but they shrunk! :grin:)





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It is a well documented phenomenon that, the longer something hangs in a closet the more it shrinks. Perhaps some day science will unlock the secret.

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Those shorts....what was I think'in.


Well, you clearly weren't thinkin' that picture would be broadcast world-wide.


Your legs are more over-exposed than the driveway. :eek:

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Honda CB400F taken 1976:



Micheal...any trouble keeping the hair out of your eyes and the bell bottoms out of the chain? :grin:

Full face Bell helmet kept the hair out of the eyes (it was longer later on :eek: ) but the clothes were pretty typical :dopeslap::rofl: at the time!

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Washing my new Kawi GPZ




Those shorts....what was I think'in.


"Took my GPZ out for a ride

the engine felt good between my thighs

the air was cool it was 40 degrees outside

took a turn onto the Delaware gap

sometimes I got lost and had to check the map

stopped in a roadside dinner for a burger and a coke

there was some country folk and some truckers inside

somebody got themselves married and somebody died

put some money in the jukebox and played a hillbilly song

They was arguin' about football as I paid and went outside

and I headed for the mountains feeling warm inside

I love that GPZ so much that I could kiss her"

Lou Reed, New Sensations

Still my favorite song about a motorcycle and now I get to see a real GPZ!!

(sorry for the hijack)



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After riding ten years on the dirt I decided to buy a street bike in 1972. Below is a picture when I was only twenty on my new 1972 H-D XLH.


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GREAT THREAD! Here's one of mine, Not so long ago, maybe '98? my first Beemer, waiting out a rain storm. All my other old bike pics are prints or slides, clear back to the 60's. I would like to know how to scan'em onto the computer.


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GREAT THREAD! Here's one of mine, Not so long ago, maybe '98? my first Beemer, waiting out a rain storm. All my other old bike pics are prints or slides, clear back to the 60's. I would like to know how to scan'em onto the computer.


Buy a digital scanner for around $100 or, take a picture of your old photo with a digital camera and download it onto your computer. Then open a free photobucket.com account and you will be able to post them. Below is a photo of me playing the saxophone that I took with my digital camera from a picture in my high school yearbook.



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Year 1971.

Helmet was a Premier. $10.00

Bike 1967 Bridgestone 175cc.

Not the most favorite MC I've owned but I salvaged it out from under a tree in Highland Park, CA covered in leaves and no title. It ran well and had fun with it. Shortly afterward I sold it and bought a 1971 H1 Kawasaki.

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I must not have carried a camera in the early days, can't find anything before the Shadow 1100. Spent a lot time on a TM250MX Suzuki in early 70's, then 3 cylinder 2 stroke 550cc suzuki. Then HD superglide in 74, next was Magna 65 1100cc, shadow 1100cc (must have started to mellow, ha). Another HD, FXDX twincam 99 model, then first beemer the current GT.


When you change wife's the pictures usually get dumped and start over, sigh. Jean was the reason I bought the Shadow 1100, we were dating and I discovered she liked motorcycles, hmmmm.



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1984 Honda Sabre 700cc V-4 with a Pichler Fairing. This bike was truly a great one-up touring bike. I loved every mile on it. Photo taken around 1987.

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My '90 Connie. A very worthy sport touring bike. I picked this bike up in 1991 for 5K with only 1200 miles on the clock. Photo taken in Mendocino County, Ca in 1995.

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The bikes here are my '78 GS1000 Suzuki and a '81 Yamaha 500 Seca that was Juanita's first real road bike. The Suzie had Yoshimura goodies, smooth bores and frame mods and cantilevered Konis, and a small Shoei handlebar fairing I borrowed for the trip. This photo was taken in 1982 on a trip into Humboldt County. The was road 25 miles of dirt taking us west into the Redwoods. Memorable trip!


I was still younger. Really.

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Not my favorite, but this fine '71 Honda 175 Scramble (see the high pipes?) started this dreadful addiction I have to riding the open road.

I didn't need a helmet, the hair would cushion my melon in a fall!





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Bike: 1981 Suzuki GS1100es.


Pictures: 1982


I was 18 years old when I bought this bike & it's my favorite bike of that era because of all the stupid pet tricks I got away with while owning it. :)


I would never ride like this today for more than the obvious reasons. Believe me, there would be way more exposed flesh & friends, that ain't a good thing. :D



Bottom pic: myself & a big bull moose standing across the Kennebec River from me.








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Primitive Sport Touring:


1974 Kawasaki Z-1 900cc


Picture was taken in the summer of 1975 near Jemez Springs, NM (a pretty fascinating place). The Stars and Stripes helmet was hand painted by my sister for a birthday present. Note the prototype model of a Camelbak. I never did think of putting water in it, though.

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Me and my 1987 FJ1200, in 1989. That was my most loved bike up to that point. 15 years later, missing my FJ landed me on a K1200RS.






Great thread idea... :)



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