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Hi to everybody, I'm new in this forum, and I'm not sure to be in the right room to introduce myself.

I'm italian and I would like to greeting all BMW riders in all over the world.

See you soon


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Hello Marco from Italy! :wave: I visited Italy on a Edelweiss bike tour & had one of the best times of my life. Beautiful country & beautiful (Ducati) motorcycles too. :thumbsup:




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Hello Marco,


Welcome to the Board. My ancestors were all from Italy and I have visited numerous times -- it's a beautiful country. Tell us a bit about yourself -- what you ride, what you do, family, etc.


This is a good group -- you'll be glad you joined.



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Welcome, Marco! You will find lots of nice folks and helpful information here. And, especially opinions - you can get any opinion you want on any subject!

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yO mARCO - post often and read every thread - no really EVERY thread...no get going on it...


(really now - welcome and join in the fray anytime / all the time!!)


Great to have you aboard.!!

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Dave in Doodah

Greetings Marco. Tell us about your bike(s), your riding...


I am pretty new here, too, and you found a great group of riders/wrenchers.

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Thanks everibody for your reply.

I've a R1100RT with 118.000 Km. (I don't known in miles), and usually I ride in Italy and Europe: France, Austria, Germany, Swiss and on..

I like to ride so quite with friends and stop around a table to fun, speak, and eat (as you known in Italy food is so good). I ride for around 15.000 Km. each year.

I'm 43 years old and I'm not married.

KEN H.: you live in Edmonton, last August i've been in Canada and I've visited Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and parks (Jasper and Banff)and it was so great: I hope to come back again in Canada, I love nature, animals, and no traffic jam (in Italy we have big troubles with traffic jam).


See you soon on web and thank you.

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Welcome to the board, just returned from Italy last week. You have a beutiful country and the Almafi coast is the most spectacular road I've been on yet!

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Welcome to the site. I have seen pictures of your country and love the landscapes. Hope you enjoy the site as much as I do. Loads of info and great people.

Dan B.

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Really great that you have come to Canada and even better that you visited my part of the country! Yes it is a beautiful place. Funny how I've dreamed about a ride around Italy and maybe staying for a while and enjoying the food and wine. Which part of the country are you living in?

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I live in the north of Italy, close to Ferrara (between Bologna and Venice), and believe me is a really nice place, at 70 Km. to the sea, at 200 Km. to the alps (Dolomiti), and 200 Km. to Milan (glamour and fashion place). I suggest you, if you can, to come to visit my country for historical places, for museum (if you like) and for landscapes. The main problem, for my opinion, is than it's so expensive.

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(in Italy we have big troubles with traffic jam)


Based on that statement, I think that we can now safely conclude that Marco is, in fact, from Italy. :wave:


Marco, welcome to BMWST (and to the rest of our newbies, as well). I've been fortunate enough to have traveled to Italy fairly often in the past few years, and I love it! It's a beautiful country, with wonderful people, fantastic history, and great food and wine! Earlier this year, we rented a villa in Tuscany, just a few kilometers from Firenze (Florence). The closest we got to Ferrara was a day trip to Maranellow, where we visited the Galleria Ferrari.


We're glad you're here.

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Ciao Mike, and thank you for your greetings.


You've visited the better Italy area (Tuscany), for landscape, people, wine and food. Sometimes I ride with my bike in Tuscany and it's very very nice (lovely hills, wonderful landscapes and so on). The sea on Tuscany border is so nice too.


See you soon



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