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RID Problem 98RT

Wayne Cowen

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When attempting to reset time with ball point the clock started cycling and would not stop. On my next start-up a week later "ALL" RID functions started cycling through all the numbers/bars....periodically stopping for 2-3 seconds and indicating correct information...then starting the cycling again.


What do you think....appears something got stuck during my attempt at resetting the clock. Anyone ever have a similar experience...any suggestions would be much appreciated.

With the ignition off the time is dispayed....and keeping time.

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Only thing I can think of is that you push your pen through little rubber "shields" to activate the change function. Perhaps the rubber has broken/degraded and some crud has got in there. Removal and cleaning with WD40/electric switch cleaner may be all that is needed.

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If you’re good with working with small electronic stuff the RID can removed, disassembled and the stuck button unstuck. But it takes some patience and care.

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Apppreciate the responses.


Phil....I did try the WD-40. After a couple of attempts to get the spray in there I also kept poking at the time-set buttons and got the clock to stop cycling. Not sure if it was the spray or my poking that fixed it, but all indicators are now working properly. Do not have the courage to attempt setting the correct time at this point.

Give me a whistle if you need a hill country riding partner. However, I am old and a wimp.....like the high temp to be up into the 60's.

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