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Is this FD blood?


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Please tell me this isn't my FD bleeding on the rear wheel. I've been seeing this after long rides after the bike sits on the center stand...OR maybe it weeped from the FD drain plug while on the side stand? That would be better right??..right? :eek:



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waylap, sure is possible.. Do you have any rear wheel looseness or movement when trying to move it at 3-9 o’clock & 12-6 o’clock while on the center stand?


Probably worth pulling the wheel & looking at the L/H F/D seal then making sure the vent isn’t plugged..


No big deal to replace the rear seal if the bearing is still tight..









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It doesn't taste like brake dust...... No, no noticeable movement. I'll remove the rear wheel and see what I see.


WTF, you know what brake dust tastes like??????


You gotta change your diet. :rofl:

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Where is the FD vent and what would it look like?



waylap, you might also look (or actually use your finger & feel) for signs of gear oil seeping from the bottom of the rubber boot where it attaches to the front of the final drive.. The gear oil can seep down from the boot along the bottom of the final drive case & fall from the bottom near where a seal leak would come from.. Rub your finger across the bottom of the final drive to see if any oil residue present..













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Unless you have cleaned your wheel, spill a couple of drops on water on your wheel. I think you will see the same thing appear. There is entirely too much brake dust on your wheel. You should do more riding, and less stopping.

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in order to diagnose a leak normally a clean area is a good starting point.... (hint hint :/ )


action plan A: so clean it up and ride and do frequent checks... dont embark on any long trips, till you are sure... maybe consider bringing wrench for filler plug and extra lube along on the ride.



based on the history of the Failure Drive (oops Freudian slip - i mean Final Drive) you might want to consider the bearing is 'taking out' the seal is a more likely scenario than the seal just going on its own.


Action plan B for a guy with some time on his hands might be to check for flecks on the drain plug.Action plan C for a guy with even more time would take the FD apart and check the bearing - need a heat gun for this.


viel gluck. ;)

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Twisty; You mentioned the vent not being plugged. How do you tell if it is plugged?


Waylap; Clean the wheel off, and everything above it, ride it (the bike), park it inside. If the leak shows up again, and it is high viscosity you are looking for an oil leak. If it is low viscosity, you are looking for break fluid leak. That trace that you have there looks low viscosity. There is a very big difference between the feel of oil 75W90, and brake fluid (about 5W). That trace definitely looks like it is dripping straight down from dirrectly above the point on the wheel where it shows up. If it was oil dripping slowly while the bike was running you would have many small drops all around the wheel.



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It shouldn't be there. With all the concern with FD's, I'd pull the wheel and find the leak. Both of my oilheads started like this and got progressively worse. I sent the FD on my R1100S to Anton and had him rebuild it. Anton found out the pinion seal was going and the gear mesh was too tight. Probably saved my FD.

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I occasionally see the same thing on my wheel. It's from a male cat marking his territory. Dab a bit of the residue with a damp Kleenex and take a sniff test.

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Dave in Doodah

I'm sorry, but I've seen bigger 'stains' from bug splats or beer spills...


I am an airhead rider, so this kinda stuff would not normally get my attention... I hope the new oilheads are not that finicky....


I have 3 dogs but no cats... and that looks like cat piss to me.

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With the history of oil/hexhead FD failures, I would take the time to check for play in the wheel, and pull the wheel off and find the source of the leak.

Hell of a lot cheaper and easier to to in your garage than on the side of the road.

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I had a similar weep around 46,000 miles on my '04 RT. The pinion seal had started to fail - it was my first repair on the motorcycle, which I consider to be incredibly reliable. Anyway, I replaced:


33-12-1-450-497 Nut (Qty 1)

33-11-7-701-691 Compression Ring (Qty 1)

33-11-7-665-838 Shaft Seal (Qty 1)

33-17-2-335-139 Cable Strap


and was done. I think it cost like $40-50 in parts and about an hour to do it. Not bad!





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Mark K - CSI ! ;)

"this rivulet'd splatter indicates the victim (FD) was traveling sideways at the top end of the speed limit at the time of discharge.. Better send it it to 'trace' - i got a hit in 'codis' "

etc etc :rofl:

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Just a thought:if the FD isn't leaking and it isn't brake fluid,could it be engine oil? I say this because the rear wheel on my '96 1100RS became splattered with oil. It turned out to be the head gaskets leaking a bit. Oddly enough there was little oil anywhere else; I guess that it was blown in the slipstream. Looking at the pictures, however, I would say that the fluid/oil is dripping rather than blown. In my case the oil was all round the rim, though there wasn't a lot of it.


I mention this only in case you can't find anything amiss with the FD.

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