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Bike ID Request


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Newbie here.


Sold my 03' K1200LT last spring and have major seller's remorse. Looking for potential replacement and considering STs and Tourers. All brands but 90% lean BMW. Interested in R1200RT, K1300GT, and future LT. Open to anything.


On the BMWMotorcycles.com page if you select the "GEAR" link their is a biege bike I can't quite ID. Can anyone ID it for me. I'm sure it is blatantly obvious to the trained eye but I am a fairly new BMW convert (grew up in my father's Honda shop).


Anxious for new bike but not in a hurry. What are the latest rumors of next generation LT? K1300LT? Bigger?


Thanks in advance for the info - look forward to learning from forum wisdom...





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It's a K1200GT I think.




Yes, that is what it is, however; it is the old K1200GT. Essentially a K1200RS with a bit more weather protection.

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That is the original, classic, K1200 GT, in a color not available in the USA.

Red, Orient blue, green/grey (BMW term) metallic, then Silver for limited '05 in Canada.

Much more that a KRS w/weather protection as you add, electric windscree, heated seats, color matched bags, extra fairing pieces.

Like most post '02 RS's you also have cruise, adjustable footpegs.

The grips are different, and the seat different.

The K RS has some handle bar adjustments, The GT fixed (but you can bar back/rise both).

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I looked up a picture on Bikez.com and you guys were right. The open lower fairing was throwing me off. Early K12GT.


Zeroing in on an RT, the K13GT or the next gen LT. I'm hearing Spring for the GT. None of you guys have any good intel on the next LT?



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