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Windshield install- aligning it.... >


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I swapped the stock windscreen with a larger Cee Bailey, and had to loosen the top brackets to get the new one on. It doesn't line up quite evenly.


I'm guessing the obvious cure is to loosen all four clamps and shim the windscreen at a point of even separation around the headlamp housing (it's an R1100R) and then tighten up the clamps.


Any other tricks to it I'm missing?


Thanks for any insight.

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I've never seen one that aligned perfectly yet. Forgetaboutit would be my suggestion.


That's practical, I'll give you that. I think I'm going to mostly take your advice. I may have to tweak it a little bit.


Thanks. I needed a little perspective.

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I just did the exact same thing on my R1100R. I loosed all 4 brackets and then lined it up around the headlamp bezel as evenly as possible then tightened it up in stages on the screen then snugged down the clamps on the handlebars watching the gap around the headlamp. Worked just fine.... :thumbsup:

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My Cee Baily lined right up. Ooops, just realized your bike is a different model. Sounds like Phil has the right approach. Just don't wrench it down! A little Loctite and finger torque.



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Agreed re Loctite and acrylic. I wrap the threads with a short length of Teflon joint sealer tape. It adds just enough friction. In fact, I use the stuff on lots of threads, such as oil drain plugs. For the windshield screws, I use a battery powered electric drill with adjustable torque at the very lowest setting. This gives me a consistent, but still very low, torque on the screws.

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