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can "bad Boy"/"stebel" air horn in fairing?


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I have a "bad Boy"/"stebel" air horn in the front upper fairing on my Yamaha Venture.


Can this fit somewhere hidden on the 2004 1150RT?


Anyone know?

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I mounted one on my R1100RT with a homemade "L" bracket to mount on the same stud as the stock horn,it clears each tube by about 10mm.




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Hi Moshe - looking at your installation at the link you provided- i liked this " You will jump out of your skin at the shear volume of two air horns screaming in parallel, which sounds very much like a semi-truck’s horn on steroids!" :D


and this " At 50 feet, the RT's horn performance went from roughly the volume of a canister vacuum cleaner (~80 dB) in stock form to roughly the volume of front row at a rock concert (~110 dB) " :D



looking at your photo titled "The left and right side Stebels mounted in the stock Bosch horn locations, directly behind the oil cooler. (1/07)"


did you pull apart the airhorn and connect 2 halves with a hose or is that how the unit comes from the factory? :eek:



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I have the AeroStitch Ear Cannon mounted between the forks of my 97 RT. I just used a flat piece of aluminum strap to mount it to the stock mounting bolt. Sits in between the forks, with about an inch clearance on each side. I tried running it from the stock relay and wires, but the compressor just didn't have enough umph to get the low tone going full song. I used the relay that AeroStitch included with the horn and ran a wire to the battery. Works great.

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