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Installing the 2820

Tim Adams

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Hello all. New to the forum and already have found some vey helpful information here. Thanks to all.


Now, I need a little help. The other day I found a very detailed post regarding the mounting of a garmin 2820 to the factory gps mount on my K 1200 LT. It had several detailed photos showing the various stages of install. It even had a link to Amazon.com showing the cheapest purchase price and the needed mount bracket and antenna. Now I am unable to relocate this post.


Any suggestions?


Thank you,


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Tim, there is an OEM pigtail that just has three wires coming out of it. If you can get the part number, just solder it to the GPS cord you have an you will be all set. I have bought them in the past, but don't have the part number any more. Someone should respond with it eventually.

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This is the number for the connector on the 1200RT-GS ....You might search this number on a parts website and see if it's the right one for an LT:


80 00 0 611 656 rep connect

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