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Been lurking for awhile. Thought I'd post an intro. I also frequent STN.net and IBMWR.


I've been riding BMW's for 23 years, sport touring for almost as long. Had an airhead RT back in the nineties. Spent a few years on a an R11GS, then a couple more on an R1100R. For the past 4, I've been riding a K12RS. Love my K, but due to issues with my neck, I'm thinking about going back to an RT. I like the look of the 1150, but realize the 1200 is more powerful. That said, the 1100's had more than enough power to get in trouble. Rode a friend's R11RT and it was a good fit; the way I understand it, the ergos are unchanged on the 1150.


Who here has owned both the 1150RT and the R12RT? How big is the difference?

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I haven't owned either, but I've ridden both. The difference between the 1100 and 1150 isn't nearly as significant as the difference between the 1150 and 1200. I think the 1150 was actually a step backward in some ways (gearing, brakes, looks) with a few good improvements (lighting, wheel size, power).


I'm really impressed with the 1200 RT.

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I think you will find the ergs about the same on the 1150 and 1200 even though they look different. The 12 is lighter and easier to handle in a parking lot but on the hwy, it feels about the same but a little more power. The "real" cruise control on the 12 was a major improvement. I've done iron butts on both so this is based on real experience. Welcome aboard and good luck,



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If you plan longer rides, you'll really like the real cruise control on the R1200RT. Also, the ability to adjust "Comfort, Sport, Normal" on the fly is nice. And one of the other improvements is that the R1200RT doesn't surge--that used to bother me on my '97 R1100RT and on my '02 R1150RT.

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Hello and welcome to the board Michael. I have owned both the 1150 and now the 1200 (33K miles). I rode the 1150 for 6 months (May '05 to Dec. '05) and 9K miles. In just a few days I hit my 3 year anniversary on Ruby. Best decision I made was to buy the hexhead. One 30 minute test ride and the 1200 was in the trailer going home with me and the 1150 was up for sale. The 1200 fixed everything I did not like about the 1150. The 1200 is lighter, has more power, better engine, better fuel mileage, smoother tranny, better gearing, larger saddle bags that you don't have to lock/unlock every time you go into them, cruise control, heated seat (the stock seat still sucks big time). It would certainly be better for your neck with the upright seating position.


Bottom line is the 1200 is better in everyway vs. the 1150/1100 and that includes appearance IMHO. I will also add I rode a '93 K11RS for 11 years and I am a huge K engine fan. They are just smooth as silk as is Silk Blue (my K bike color). I specifically went from the K bike to the RT for upright seating, more protection, and a no dive front end. Go take the RT for a test ride or better yet rent one for a day or weekend.


P.S. I just got back from a 175 mile day up on Angeles Crest Highway with some riding buddies and I still cannot believe how much I like this boxer (3rd/4th gear at 5K rpm's is a total hoot in the curves and corners).

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