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leather & helmet saved my skin-Kevlar better?


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I recently took quite a skid down the ashpalt road with my bike on me instead of me on it! Ouch!


I was wearing riding (hiking) boots and my left ankle is twisted and the foot is broken because the boot came off. Boots in good shape.


The jacket was a $250 classic style cycle of good quality leather which has road rash all over it especially at the elbows. Something still penetrated it and into my elbow. The sewn seams were ripped open on one arm. Jacket trashed.


The leather gloves were in the box. I wore instead a lighter fabric glove and my hands & fingers took a beating (better than nothing - at least hands were not bare!). Gloves trashed.


The helmet was a 1/2 shell. It has road rash on all 4 sides. My face has 1 small scratch (lucky!)


Paramedics cut up the long legged pants - what was left of them. Ended up with major road rash on both lower legs and some on the butt.


I will be buying a better boot, new jacket, full helmet that opens in front, throw away my open fingered gloves.


What I would like to know if you have any experience with the Cordovan and/or the Kevlan systems riding jackets, I would appreciate your opinion. Thinking of them instead of the leather only because it gets hot in FL behind a fairing & especially in traffic!

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Sorry to hear about your crash. Sounds like the same type my buddy took on his bike a few years back. More on that in a bit. You need to go to www.cycleport.com website (formerly Motoport.com). A Kevlar suite or jacket and pants is the best protection you can buy. Right now I wear the GP-2 Kevlar jacket (purchased '06) with Cordura pants (pants bought in '00). Cycleport also makes a mesh Kevlar jacket/pants that is great for winter or summer riding. My friend has taken two falls on his Kevlar suit he has had for about 12 years. The first crash a dually turned left in front of him. He hit the right front wheel and flew over the hood and landed on the other side and skidded down the road about 100' on the road and windscreen. Not a mark on him. The second crash happened when a rider in front of him braked as he was passing a semi. His '94 GS tapped the back of the guys bike in front of him and he went down at 75 mph with a 600 lb. bike on top of him. Sound familar? Not a mark on him again. Kevlar is without a doubt the best material going if you ride a bike. I would also recommend a full face helmet such as an Arai or Shoei. I have been down twice in the last 4 years, once in '04 and once in '06. Both times I had abrasions on my legs and feet (Hein Gericke leather jacket and jeans on=dumb). No mas. Cordura pants (until they wear out then Kevlar) and my Kevlar jacket now. Kevlar is not inexpensive (jacket and pants will run you about $900) but if you amortize it over 15 years it is pretty inexpensive and the best protection you can buy.


P.S. Heal quickly and welcome to the board.

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Glad you came out more or less OK...and everyone who reads your post will appreciate your candor in describing the accident, what you were wearing, and the value of it. Your comments ought to give folks some pause to think about their own riding gear and how they might improve upon it.


Keith is right-there is nothing like the full protection afforded by quality riding gear. While you are out shopping check out the Roadcrafter and Darien jackets and pants by AeroStich. Superb crash and weather protection!


Good luck, and hope you are out on the road soon...


Steve in So Cal

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Leather or fabric, whatever fits you, and has decent armor. I hit a deer about 13 months ago, and slid at least 100 feet down the road. Armored mesh jacket and pants were shredded, but held up, and I had literally not a scratch on my body. Gloves had 3-layer palms (leather, kevlar, leather + studs), and wore down to one layer. Again, no skin damage. The front of my full-face helmet had significant abrasion, but again, no skin damage. Finally, I'm totally convinced that my Aerostich Combat Touring Lites saved me from titanium screws in my ankle. I limped for a few weeks, but nothing was broken.


$600 worth of trashed riding gear was far less expensive (and painful) than skin grafts and broken bones.

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You need to go to www.cycleport.com website (formerly Motoport.com)


Keith I'm afraid this link doesn't do what you intended.


Two weeks ago I was out with the local hoodlums, a bunch of retired guys that are a hoot to chat and ride with. I was rider number 11 of 14 heading slowly, 35mph, toward a road construction flagger. One of the riders ahead of me think he would be number 9 did something too quickly and dumped his Suzuki 1000cc v-strom. Of course we all stopped to assist, so did a few trucks by the way. I picked up his dual purpose tennis shoe 30 feet away located on the opposite side of the two lane road. He was wearing a black leather jacket that ripped apart at the right shoulder, through his shirt and scrapped his skin. His stocking foot didn't look damaged but the shoe just exploded. And to think I used to wear a similar shoe years ago. I understood that he separated his right shoulder but was otherwise just shaken. I remember him saying as he lay in the ditch, "so this is how it feels". One of the pick-up truck passerbys took him to another riders home and from there he went to the hospital.

I looked around at the apparel that was worn that day and saw many levis and tennis shoes in the crowd. I wonder how many I'll see next time. Several riders asked about my BMW summer pants that have knee and hip armour.

As mentioned above the cost for good gear is steep at first glance but the protection is priceless if you get up close and personal with the road surface. I have several riding systems all with armour to use depending on the weather. It gets hot here too.

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First - I do hope you heal quick, and welcome to the board. I seem to be partial to the Olympia gear, great fit, service safety reputation, and services (no I do not work from them :-))http://www.olympiamotosports.com/home.html, take a moment to read the testimonial, search for their distributor, and try it if you have some time; you wont be disappointed.


The highViz is loud and not "Cool" looking, but you will be seen from a far. Good luck to you, as mentioned in an earlier post - get what ever is safe, comfortable and well armored.




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